How To Be A Superior Human Being (And Possibly Earn Good Karma Points)

I have two more shows this year and I am BEYOND excited. There is something magical about a Holiday Art show! I Have been in full-on Christmas-Mode since August, and I cannot wait until I’m all set up and the first person walks in my booth to browse.

This year, I am especially obsessed with mini paintings. Each original is approximately 2 x 3 inches comes in an awesome little frame. It was such a joy creating these. They would make a super cute hostess gift, coworker gift, secret Santa gift or an addition to your own decor.

With all that said I abhor obnoxious sales pitches, so you will never get that from me. There is a pretty high probability that I might make you feel my waxed and mounted watercolors, (this is not a joke, lol), or explain to you how the pickle card was based on my niece. There is usually a lot of laughing or chatting in my booth. I want people to walk away with a smile.   

Pushing for sales comes off as disingenuous in my opinion.  Let me explain…

  • I want you to buy my art because it speaks to you, or because you think someone else will love it.
  • I don’t run sales, and I don’t haggle. It’s not a flea market. I work hard at what I do, I spend probably way too much on high-end art supplies and I calculate a fair price that BOTH of us can feel good about.
  • Pushy sales tactics come off as being more about the money than it does about the art. I don’t want that for either of us.

I am not in this to get rich (ooh, but it would be nice!), I want to sell my art so I can keep doing what I love! There are a lot of expenses on the back end like booth fees, supplies, web site hosting, taxes etc., that must be covered by my art sales.

I’m the WHOLE business, the artist, the bookkeeper, the event crew, the marketing department, HR (lol). That’s why supporting a local small business makes you a superior human being. (I also heard a rumor that you earn good karma points as well but cannot confirm at this time.)

Shout out to all of you that have supported me and supported my friends and fellow artists! When I get an email with a photo of my art hanging in its new home, it’s such an indescribable feeling – It’s the fuel that keeps me going.

In addition to full-sized (waxed and mounted) original watercolors, giclee prints, greeting cards, and bookmarks, I will have all my approximately 50 mini paintings at the Canandaigua Christkindl Market t and the Roycroft Campus Holiday Art Show. Here is a sneak peek at a few….