Artist, Holly Wentlent

As a young child, I developed a love of nature and architecture; these two subjects are the driving forces behind my work. Living in Buffalo, NY, finding inspiration is abundant. I enjoy the process of interpreting the concepts I envision. I paint my subjects with watercolors the way I perceive them, letting the paint flow over the paper. Choosing colors that invoke an emotional response, mixing, thinning, and then crossing my fingers that the paint will flow as anticipated. The challenge of watercolor is that it doesn’t always behave as expected, but that is also the thrill of this medium.  

I am not the type of artist to paint a subject because it is popular or churn out work with no emotional timbre. Part of my process is to choose colors that invoke an emotional response, serene landscapes, and buildings with a soul. I become attached to my paintings and need to feel a connection with the piece to feel satisfied.

In November of 2021, I had an unfortunate accident and broke both of my wrists, my right wrist (dominant hand) needed surgery to be repaired, I was disheartened and worried I’d lose my ability to paint, my fingers and hands will never work like they once did but because of these limitations, I have gotten much more detailed with my watercolor pieces, I’ve had to re-learn how to use my hands, and that has forced me to slow down. This injury has changed my art in a significant way, but I feel, for the better.